First growing things

We’re not going to grow too much this first year, but we’ve been in the house for 6 days now, are mostly unpacked, and we’ve walked the land (through the mud and snow). I’m ready to start, so I’ve ordered:

  • Jersey Royals (aka International Kidney)
  • Tomatoes – Aviditas and Santorange (mini tomatoes)
  • Cucumber – Mini Star
  • Aubergine – Scorpio
  • French climbing beans – Cobra
  • Sweetcorn – Vanilla Sweet
  • Peas – Ambassador
  • Pepper – Chelsea (yellow)
  • Spring onions – red & white mixed
  • Maincrop onions – Rumba, Fen Early and Red Fen
  • Courgette – Goldmine
  • Spaghetti squash

Some will go in the polytunnel. The sweetcorn will go in a block outside. The spuds will go in potato bags. The climbing beans will grow up tripods of canes. The rest we’ll just wing it and see where we end up. Results may be unpredictable, as there’s a rabbit warren under and around the polytunnel (a bunny shot out the door the other day), but there’s also a den of foxes at the far end of our land (so our nice new neighbours tell us as they’ve lost breed chickens to them), so who knows. Next on the list will be a raised herb bed by the kitchen door for the more usual stuff like basil and coriander; the previous owner left us 10 types of mint, and some lovely sage on the front bank (and the gnarliest cactus ever with some sad aspidistras in the greenhouse). Might do another raised trug on the patio for salad leaves.