Finally in

Finally moved in yesterday. Got here to find the vendor hadn’t properly moved out, had too small a lorry and was trying to load huge plants on a trailer. He’s old and shaky, so we helped him. We had said early on in the buying process that we were laidback and if he needed to keave stuff, that was fine. Boy did he take the mickey on that one! He was supposed to be out by 1pm and we were still moving his stuff at 5pm. We had to pile his remaining stuff in the garage for him to collect today. He’d forgotten his meds, his glasses, important paperwork …

Then we found the shells and gunpowder in the workshop, and then his son-in-law brought down 20 guns from the loft … meanwhile the clock was ticking for our removals firm who couldn’t work later than 7pm. We had 5 cats in carriers in the second haybarn, and another 10 in the Cats Protection Waltham Forest van, who sat so patiently for 6 hours before they could bring all the  cats in. The Southend contingent also moved in their stuff. Ordered in Indian and went to bed.

Today the fun starts … woken at 4.30 by exploring cats. Finding a towel and having a shower would be a nice start!