One cat down; 4 more to go

KitKat went to the Cats Protection Penthouse yesterday after a successful vet visit to sort his teeth; CP are collecting TC, Liss, Blakey and Podrick at lunchtime. Catching Liss and Blakey will be hard and will involve putting the bed on its end so they can’t hide under it, then fishing them out from any hiding places they can find in the bedroom. We’ve never been able to pick Liss up in the 16 years we’ve had her – she turns into a petrified running thing, and Blakey’s a bit of an unknown quantity. Loves a cuddle in bed but tends to panic if picked up. TC will bite; Podrick will probably do nothing. Once they’re gone and out of the way, we can really start sorting, switching off fridge-freezer etc. The remaining 10 cats will just stay out of the way. Removals are arriving tomorrow 8.30-9.30 for the first round of packing. Will switch off and unplug the computer later tonight in readiness, so probably no more updates on here unless I can get this blog to work on my phone. Can’t believe it’s really happening.