The final stretch

Finishing work tomorrow until 26th March. One older cat having teeth out on Thursday. Major cleaning and sorting Thursday and Friday, plus final ring round of services like Sky. Some flighty cats going to Cats Protection Friday until Monday just to make things a little easier. Removals turning up Saturday to do most of the packing and loading the van. Sunday we clean in a minimalist house – not expecting much to be there except a bed and the WiFi router. Monday removals are back for the final lot, Cats Protection back to take remaining cats up to 11 in their van, and we take the 4 oldest in our car. Southend contingent start their lorry and car journey with belongings and 4 degus. And bingo – assuming no hold-ups with completion, we all move in together on Monday afternoon. Removals will dump numbered boxes in rooms. Big pot of tea will be needed, and reconstruct beds before collapsing. Tuesday will be food shopping and furniture ordering before we start properly unpacking, registering with doctor, council, new water supplier etc. WiFi should be plug and play from when we arrive. Then we look at the land and think ‘Wow – Spring is on its way; a seed spreadsheet is needed.’ The menfolk can start doing major stuff, while we women sort out food and arranging the kitchen, because we know exactly what our priority is. The kitchen will be the heart of our home, and what a kitchen it is – enough space to feed an army. The Southenders haven’t seen the house or land yet – it’s going to blow their minds. Smugness will ensue … and relief that we finally made it after 7 months.

One thought on “The final stretch

  1. Congratulations!! You are finally there.

    Try and get some sleep before the move you are certainly going to need to have all the energy you can muster for when the move actually goes ahead.

    Take care

    Jojo x


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