Still no exchange

Guess what – we didn’t exchange. Buyer’s solicitor emailed late Thursday night with queries. We gave answers via our solicitor who couldn’t believe he’d left it that late. The buyer knew nothing about the queries and was happy to exchange today, but the only person authorised to release his deposit funds wasn’t in the office today (apparently senior solicitors play golf on Fridays). That’s the short version, without swearwords. Hoping to exchange Monday now. I’m almost beyond caring.

3 thoughts on “Still no exchange

  1. Fingers and toes crossed for Monday Jules. This is why they say that moving house is one of the most stressful times in peoples lives. We got stuck in a really awful chain once with a couple at the top of the chain buying a house for £1.2m and boy they were so demanding. Nearly put me off of selling and buying again for life. We got there in the end but it was stop start, stop start, stop start all the way to the end.

    jojo x

    P.S. We must of got over it because we did actually move again not once but twice. Take care x


    1. Thanks JoJo – once we finally get this place, I’m never ever moving again. Ever! It’ll be worth it in the end but I hate not being able to control a situation – we were ready to exchange before Christmas.


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