A wee bit closer

Our buyer’s solicitor is conducting searches, but apart from that the whole chain is ready and we’re all champing at the bit. Hopefully exchanging in a couple of weeks, and moving early Feb. Hoorah!

At the moment it’s all about the cats

She was a Cats Protection cat who’d broken her shoulder and it hadn’t healed properly. Currently has an external metal brace, and a rod going all the way through the bones. The external bit should come off in a couple of weeks, but she’ll stay in the cage for a bit.
Horlicks is having her left ear removed on Wednesday as it’s cancerous – quite common with mostly white cats. She’ll be fine though – she’ll wear the Cone of Shame and be shut in the front bedroom till it’s healed.
Blakey and Neichi
Two more rescues from the past few months – Neichi couldn’t be touched at all when we first took her in September, and now she’s a lovebug. Flirting outrageously with Blakey who is playing it cool.

It’s a man’s world

I’m going to enter the arcane zone of Manworld and start thinking about the tools we’re going to need so I can plug them into my spreadsheet. Some of them will run on petrol and I’m not really sure what I’m looking at, as His Nibs has been managing this part of the plan. There will be buzzy chop hard wood things, strimmy weed whacker things, a decent lawnmower, maybe a rotavator, and plenty of hand tools. Goodness knows what we’ll find in the barn and garage when we move in – there may be useful things there already. If it all takes hold sufficiently, I may end up finding tractors curiously arousing, somewhere between Screwfix and Lakeland.