Another step forward

All parties except the top of the chain have agreed 16th Feb as target completion date. The top is a couple who are divorcing, so maybe some communication issues there. Fingers crossed for an early response next week, and hopefully exchange date agreed even if it’s for the week after (w/c 29th Jan). I’ll transfer extra into my current account in case we do suddenly need to stump extra for the shortfall between our buyer’s 10% deposit and our 10% deposit to our vendor; our solicitor did query it with his solicitor, but it was a case of ‘We’ll assume you agree unless we hear otherwise.’ Wondering if I should just go ahead and put the buildings and contents insurance in place (already provisionally set up – just need to phone through to fix it) and get the details over to the mortgage company ASAP, as they may need some notice to release the funds. Other buyers have been quoted 7 working days to get the mortgage funds sent through, so realistically I might need to get Natwest to press the Go button by Wednesday 8th Feb to hit completion date. Maybe that’s me overthinking it. I have a feeling it’s all going to suddenly go very fast, with lots of practical arrangements to be made like booking the removal firm, and I don’t want to be the ones causing delays.

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