Still no closer

Proposed date of 16th Feb for completion from our buyer who can’t access his money till then, and no response so far from people up the chain in the past week (who were pushing for the 2nd or the 9th). Dead silence from our solicitor – the estate agent is trying to find out what’s going on. We’re obviously not exchanging this week, so can’t get everything else organised, like insurance or booking the removals firm. The buyer is coming round for the first time on Tuesday with his architect. So frustrating – we’re both starting to have anxiety dreams. Aargh! Just hanging in there …

One thought on “Still no closer

  1. Fingers and toes crossed for you Jules. Buying or selling never runs smoothly. From experience those who have been shouting the loudest in a property chain are the same people that go quite towards the end.

    I am sure you will hear something soon so try and not worry too much otherwise you will be worn out come moving day.



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